Private Teen Boot Camps and Military Schools

Private Boot Camps

The types of boot camp we are most familiar with are of the private nature. This means that they are not owned or directed by any division of the United States Military. They are usually owned and operated by former military personnel. Some will have some professional staff for assistance. They may have a nurse on staff or a doctor available in the event that a child needs more than just discipline. Some of the camps we work with will require a physical examination prior to accepting a new cadet. Some of the camps will take a child completely off medication when they arrive or request that they are not currently taking any medications when they get there. The private boot camps are an “in your face” type program with a rigorous physical training component. Drill Instructors are not allowed to touch a student, but they are still effective at motivating a child to do what is expected of them.

United States Military Boot Camps

Every division of the United States Military has some type of boot camp or basic training. These are available only to those who enlist in the military. It is our understanding that most divisions of the military will require a drug test of potential personnel to assure that they are drug free and able to perform their duties while enlisted.

Other Types of Boot Camps

There seems to be a boot camp for just about every occupation available somewhere. The popularity of the term seems to attract people that are interested in a high intensity type of experience whether it is with computers, writing, dancing, acting or whatever the boot camp offers. Most of the inquiries that we get are for troubled teens that are defiant and out of control. Computer boot camps are designed for youth and adults who are interested in furthering their experience and enhancing their resume.