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Private Teen Boot Camps and Military Schools

Private Boot Camps

The types of boot camp we are most familiar with are of the private nature. This means that they are not owned or directed by any division of the United States Military. They are usually owned and operated by former military personnel. Some will have some professional staff for assistance. They may have a nurse on staff or a doctor available in the event that a child needs more than just discipline. Some of the camps we work with will require a physical examination prior to accepting a new cadet. Some of the camps will take a child completely off medication when they arrive or request that they are not currently taking any medications when they get there. The private boot camps are an “in your face” type program with a rigorous physical training component. Drill Instructors are not allowed to touch a student, but they are still effective at motivating a child to do what is expected of them.

United States Military Boot Camps

Every division of the United States Military has some type of boot camp or basic training. These are available only to those who enlist in the military. It is our understanding that most divisions of the military will require a drug test of potential personnel to assure that they are drug free and able to perform their duties while enlisted.

Other Types of Boot Camps

There seems to be a boot camp for just about every occupation available somewhere. The popularity of the term seems to attract people that are interested in a high intensity type of experience whether it is with computers, writing, dancing, acting or whatever the boot camp offers. Most of the inquiries that we get are for troubled teens that are defiant and out of control. Computer boot camps are designed for youth and adults who are interested in furthering their experience and enhancing their resume.

Questions to Ask a Teen Boot Camp – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if my child does not want to go?

We can recommend youth escort companies that are able to pick up your child and take them to the program or camp of your choice.

2. How long are most boot camps?
Boot camps range in length from 30 days to one or more years. We do not recommend short term camps as they are not really very effective.

3. What ages of youth can go to boot camp?
Boot camp style programs we work with will only take youth beginning at age 11. We do work with some therapeutic schools that will take youth as young as 9 years of age.

4. What do you recommend for defiant youth younger than 11?
There is a Parent Self Help Kit available to purchase that contains information about and actual footage of a child being taken to a facility, and life in a boot camp. If you are interested, please go to

5. How expensive are boot camps?
Prices begin at $2,100 per month. The first month in most programs is about $4,800 to cover admission fees, startup costs, etc.

6. Is there any government aid or government sponsored boot camps?
We do not have access to or information about any government aid or programs other than the juvenile system. Mos of the people we work with are trying to keep their children out of the juvenile system.

7. Are there any free boot camps?
No we do not know of any free programs.

8. Are there additional fees for using your service?
Our fees are included in the program fees and tuitions of the schools and camps we do enrollment for.

9. Do boot camps have finance plans?
Many schools and camps have some type of educational loan available. Many parents have decided to take a second mortgage on their homes rather than try for an education loan. In some instances a second mortgage is tax deductible.

10. What do I do next?
If you have decided to get some type of outside help for your child please give us a call. We will take you step by step through the admission process for the school or camp of your choice.

Juvenile Christian Boot Camps For Teens

Juvenile Boot Camps

Juvenile boot camps are synonymous with teen boot camps. The American Heritage Dictionary gives this definition for Juvenile: Not fully grown or developed, young of, relating to, characteristic of, intended for, or appropriate for children or young people; juvenile fashions, Marked by immaturity, childish; Juvenile behavior Some people consider a juvenile or an adolescent to be synonymous with teen. Juvenile boot camp is a term that is typed hundreds of times every day by parents searching for help for a problem child. All of the information provided on this site about teen boot camps applies to one who may be looking for help for a troubled juvenile. Juvenile boot camps like teen boot camps are able to take a defiant juvenile and place him in a structured environment. Juvenile boot camps also have academics and are staffed with former military personnel.

Christian Boot Camps

Some of the programs and camps for juveniles are Christian programs and have daily Bible study and weekly church services. The juveniles are taught from the Bible with the importance of God and religion emphasized throughout their stay. For a family that has taught their child from his youth to keep the 10 commandments, a Christian boot camp may be a good choice. If your child has decided to rebel against everything he has been taught he will usually go one of two ways. The first is he will rebel against everything he has been taught including religious beliefs. The second is once he is away from home he will have a desire to gravitate toward his core beliefs. Most adolescents’ hearts soften while they are away from home and they have a desire to please their parents and make appropriate choices.

Peer Pressure

The youth of today are bombarded with pressure from their friends. With the acceptance of premarital sex, occasional use of marijuana and social drinking it is no wonder that our kids are behaving the way they are. Some youth not only receive pressure from their friends but parents sometimes send the wrong signal to their children. One parent shared that he on occasion had smoked marijuana with his son. If a parent is abusing substances, their children will usually be aware of this fact and consider it acceptable to do likewise. It is hard for a parent that is using drugs to tell his child that they can not use them.